21 Day Challenge--Day 15 (New Hair-do)

I confess that I've been kind of jealous of my undergrads and their side braids or ponytails. I'm kind of self-conscious about my giant noggin, so I've never tried it. I just went with a simple braid and I kind of love the results. The braid fell out pretty quickly, so I switched to a side ponytail after the picture. Who would have ever thought I'd want to wear a side ponytail again...

I also knew that I'd be walking across campus in these shoes, so I brought along a pair of flats to avoid major blisters on the first day of school.

Jacket - Christiana Zinn (via TJ Maxx)
Tshirt - Forever Woman (via TJ Maxx)
Skirt - Wal-mart
Wedges - Lands' End
Necklace - Exploding Target wonder
I'm not sure why I look one-legged in the picture. I think I was walking forward or something...

Today's the first day of my last academic year as a graduate student. I couldn't figure out why I felt so giddy last night, but this morning I finally figured it out. I have been a matriculated student for 22 of my 32 years. That's 2/3 of my life. Yeah, it's crazy. I've been a graduate student for 6 years and this will be my 7th. It's hard to believe that, barring any major unforeseen events/crisis, I'll be done with life as a student after this year. Next year, I might just have a salary. WHAT!?

I know that doesn't mean that my ramen days are over (let's be honest, I love ramen with lots of veggies), but we might not stress over the purchase of the occasional nail polish or new perfume. Maybe. Anyway, these are deep thoughts for a fashion post at 8am.


Kayla said...

Wow, that is a LONG time as a student. I hope you get a killer salary soon!

And I like your side braid!!

Freckles in April

Zannah said...

You're almost done! That is very exciting.

Also, YES, we are extremely close. At least, I'm roughly two hours due west of Indianapolis, and just fifty miles from the IL-IN border. In my book, that's essentially next door. AND I think we should meet up one of these days. That is all.

Señora H-B said...

Kayla--Thanks! I need to try it again, because it just didn't last very long.

Zannah--amen! We definitely need to meet up.

Saralyn said...

I want your jacket!