21 Day Challenge--Day 17 (Repair)

Shirt - Forever Woman (via TJ Maxx)
Capris - TJ Maxx
Sandals - Born BOC (via TJ Maxx)
Earrings - Kohl's
Purse - Ellen Tracy (via TJ Maxx)
For the first time, I'm including a purse in my outfit photo. It's not that I don't carry a purse normally, I just have never remembered to include it in the picture. The handbag is important because it's my repair item. I purchased my lovely Ellen Tracy purse at TJ Maxx about 5 years ago. I spent too much on it, but I loved how practical it would be for job interviews as a pseudo-briefcase. Fast forward a year, and the handles gave out on the bag. They weren't constructed in a way that could handle the heavy load of papers and junk that I was carrying. I put the purse up in my closet and swore I'd fix it. A couple of weeks ago, I finally dropped it off, along with a pair of sandals (which I am also wearing in this outfit), at a shoe repair shop. They made some quick stitches, charged me an exorbitant amount of money, and now I'm back in business!

The repair is the line of stitching below the rivet and above the loop. I think the repair shop did a fantastic job. It's impossible to tell that the stitching wasn't part of the original bag design, as it really should have been. I don't understand why the handles were made to be removable in the first place. There was no shoulder strap, basically no other way of carrying the bag. I can't believe that I waited four years to get this purse fixed. I'm so excited to start using it again!


Amy said...

I love that your repair item was a purse, and that you paid someone else to do it, genius!

Nemesis said...

See, we need to KNOW that there are, in fact, places that can fix our stuff so we don't have to throw it out like the disposable consumer culture people we've become. Way to be a force for social change! ;-)

Grandma H said...

You look so cute in your photos! Your hair is getting really long, I like the braid.

Señora H-B said...


Nem--I wasn't about to throw out a purse I payed good money for. I also LOVE the sandals. They're so comfy. I've repaired another pair of shoes because I love them. I'm old and set in my ways because I don't want to buy new things!