21 Day Challenge--Day 3 (Mix patterns)

I was actually really excited about today's challenge because it meant I could try out my new scarf. I found it at, surprise, Wal-mart for $4.66. I love it and can't wait to wear it more. 

Shirt-Style & Co (Macy's)
Shoes-Crocs (shocking, I know)
I decided to include a close-up of the two patterns:
Shirt--I love this kind of stripe

Scarf--seriously, how cool is this? 

And my jewelry, because I love jewelry:
Earrings-purchased at a boutique in Spain. I wear them a lot.

Pearl ring-TJ Maxx,
Sunburst ring-TJ Maxx (I wear this as my wedding ring right now*)
Nail polish-Essie 'Over the Top' (TJ Maxx,) yuck-o cuticles-my laziness

 A few responses to yesterday's comments: Participation is what helps win the challenge, so no need to vote anywhere (as far as I know). The rosy cheeks were courtesy of a 78-degree house and running around to find a full-length mirror with light. I am also super excited to try a belt (or two) during this challenge. I've been terrified of them for many years.

Now, three confessions: I'm cleaning the house today, so I changed into tennis shoes and pulled my hair up. I took off the scarf until I go out to go grocery shopping. I'll also switch my shoes out then.

*Mr. H-B and I decided to forgo a traditional diamond engagement ring for many reasons (social and financial). I had a silver wedding band, but it broke a few months ago. I have kind of enjoyed the freedom to try out different rings. I just ordered a set of plain stacking bands that I can wear daily, but I'm in love with this sunburst ring right now.


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit. Very cute!

Chris said...

Cool combo! I like the new scarf a lot. And your jewelry sets them both off beatifully. Well done!

Jamie said...

I adore that scarf! You look wonderful today, too. I think you nailed day three.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Look at all those patterns! Looks great!

Peggy said...

super cute scarf! Love the pattern mixing!