21 Day Challenge--Day 7 (Layer Accessories)

I love layering bracelets and necklaces. Honestly, I just love accessories--they add flair to an outfit and fit no matter how bloated you feel. I collect accessories as souvenirs of my travels because they're easy to pack and I don't have to display them somewhere in my home. I collect Christmas ornaments for a similar reason--I only get them out once a year and they don't take up a lot of space. But I digress. 

I decided to layer bracelets today. 
Silver link bracelet - Peru
Turquoise bracelet - Spain
Gold and silver bracelet - Peru

Look at me! Wearing another belt--a belt that I now own. THANK YOU, Kayla! I'm also wearing my re-mix skirt for a third time. Go me!
Shirt - TJ Maxx
Belt - Wal-mart
Skirt - Wal-mart
Shoes - Aerosoles (via TJ Maxx)
 I picked some simple earrings to go with the outfit.
Earrings - part of the set I talked about yesterday.
Thanks to Mr. H-B for non-mirror pictures. Hooray!


Ali said...

That belt gives you a great shape! The pop of color that your turquoise bracelet gives you is SO fun.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

The belt is a great addition to that outfit, and kudos on the remixing -- I haven't worn my item a second time yet!

A Sharing Lettuce said...

Already a 3rd remix? Man, you're on top of things!