21 Day Challenge--Day 6 (Unconventional)

I have a confession about yesterday's outfit. That maxi skirt? Well, it's actually a strapless maxi dress. I'm recycling it into today's outfit as my unconventional item. 

T-shirt - Forever Woman (via TJ Maxx)
Maxi Dress - Target
Pewter Flats - Target
Watch - Citizen Eco Drive (via Kohl's)
Amber necklace - Inherited
Today's outfit is, I confess, a little blah. It's Saturday. It's early. My plans are to stay in all day and work on some DIY crafts with a friend. I didn't feel the need to go all-out. I had a really tough time getting the T-shirt to photograph properly. It's not quite so blue, but more dusty and teal in person.

I love this amber necklace. My maternal great grandfather purchased it for my great grandmother when he was called away to serve an LDS Mission to Germany in the 1920's. The circumstances were unusual by today's standards, because he left my grandmother with five children. He purchased this necklace as a gift for her. When I first inherited the necklace, it was a really weird length and desperately needed to be restrung. I did the stringing myself and created a shorter necklace along with a bracelet and a pair of earrings.


Sarah in Indiana said...

How wonderful to have a necklace so beautiful with such sentimental value as well. It really adds flair to your comfy Saturday outfit.

Kayla said...

Wow, that necklace has such an amazing story behind it! It's one of the sad stories of my life that I have nothing that belonged to any of my ancestors. I would love to own something with a story.

And your outfit is perfect for a lazy Saturday. Love it!

Kelly Jo said...

That is a great story about the necklace! What a cool thing to pass down!
And this out makes me want to get a long skirt...it looks so comfy!

Señora H-B said...

Thanks, all. I love the necklace. I love having useful heirlooms!