21 Day Challenge--Day 8 (Mix Fancy and Casual)

I was honestly quite nervous about this challenge. I couldn't think of anything that I owned that was fancy. Then I remembered this new jacket I bought last week. It almost feels like a cheat--it's a fancy cut, with the ruffle around the neck, but it's made of denim. Awesome. I added a couple of ropes of baroque pearls that I bought from a friend's mom when she visited from China.
Jacket - TJ Maxx
White Tank - Fashion Bug
Cotton Jersey Skirt - Target
Heels - Aerosoles (via TJ Maxx)
Grey & Pink Pearl Ropes - China
Edited to add: I just realized I totally layered accessories with my two pearl ropes. Look at me, all doing two things at once...


Mysterious M said...

I'm just a little bit in love with that jacket! Good job. I feel slightly lame about my challenge post today, so no worries! :)

Anonymous said...

You look great! I love the jacket and necklace.

Nemesis said...

Ooooh, fancy! I love what you came up with. Still have no idea what to do myself, since I think the only fancy thing I own is a LBD from Banana Republic and I do NOT want to wear it and sweat all over it today.

HillyB said...

that is a great jacket - i love the ruffle detailing on it. it really spices up such a staple piece!

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Amina said...

wooow1 I love the outfit! The jacket is beautiful and I love the cut

Kayla said...

This is so super flattering on you. Seriously amazing.

Freckles in April