Accessory Organization

My life on Pinterest and my participation in the 21 Day Challenge  have convinced me that I need to make better use of my accessories. Which means they need to be visible and accessible. This is my jewelry box. As you can see, it's a lovely miniature chest of drawers. I purchased it at a market in Lima, Peru, on one of my many trips there to visit my family. However, it is impossible for me to remember what's in the box. I haven't worn so much of my jewelry for such a long time that I had forgotten that I owned a lot of it. 

So I went to Pinterest and Google to see what I could find. There were lots of DIY solutions, but nothing that really called to me. I don't love spray painting or drilling or hammering, so I wanted something super easy. I had already bought the hanging organizer on a whim, but had never used it.

I filled it with earrings on one side and brooches, bracelets, pendants, and rings on the other side. It's hanging in my closet in front of my new scarf and belt collection (again, thank you Pinterest; also, Walmart and Lands' End).

Finally, I have a fairly extensive collection of necklaces (again, I had forgotten about a lot of them). I ran to Walmart this morning to buy some 3M hooks, conveniently matched to the side of my chest of drawers:

I already owned the linen jewelry organizer and it's perfect for tall bracelets and other random things I might collect (or for jewelry when I'm too lazy to put it away....).

Ta-da! Now I can see what I own and maybe I'll even wear it now.

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