I always think that summer is going to be a reprieve from all of the stress wrought by the academic year. Yet again, this summer has proven that assumption to be incorrect. Where to begin...

a) Depression strikes again. It certainly hasn't been anything like last year, but I have spent too many days reading books and watching movies, lacking all motivation to do, well, anything.

b) Living with the in-laws. Mr. H-B works in his hometown during the summer; we live with his parents to save on gas. It's stressful, to say the least.

c) Good-bye Camry. I've had my car since January of 2003. It has been a dream, traveling from Utah to Massachusetts to Indiana to New Mexico and everywhere in between. It was reliable, had ice-cold A/C and got great gas mileage. The suspension and transmission have failed in the last two weeks. We just can't afford to sink $2500 into a car that is only worth $3100 (at most). We're following Dave Ramsey's advice and buying what we can afford...a Police Interceptor Crown Victoria (it's as hilarious as it sounds).

d) Lost phone, FedEx limbo, etc, etc, etc. Fate just keeps piling it on...

I think I might have finally learned my lesson. Summer does not equal shiny perfection.

Dang it!


Sarah said...

Don't forget that awesome spoiler. How many people have a Camry with a spoiler?

Sorry your summer has been sucky. Wish we could get together and go to Bertucci's or something.

Señora H-B said...

Sarah, I cannot believe you remember that my Camry has a spoiler! Craaaaazy.

I have been craving Bertucci's like no other. My one culinary goal right now is to recreate the Sporkie. Om nom nom. (And no, there's no pregnancy announcement encoded in that.)

Amelia Hohl said...

Maria!!! I'm so sorry your summer hasn't gone so well. I spent half my summer alone with my kids going coo-coo and three wonderful weeks road tripping with my husband and now he's back at work going in at 5am and coming home at 9pm. The kids don't even see him and I, once again, get no help. What I wouldn't give to just be alone and not thinking of any kid problems for just one day!!!

Señora H-B said...

Ugh. That sounds like an unpleasant summer, too!! I'm sorry. Let's complain together. :)