21 Day Challenge--Day 18 (Statement Jewelry)

Statement jewelry is kind of my thing. Let's be honest, it's my only thing. I love jewelry. I picked up the bracelet and watch this morning on a Walmart/Target run. I layered two necklaces to create a statement turquoise necklace. I'm including two pictures here so you can see my serious face and my doofus face. After ordering, like, 10 pairs of pants, I finally found a pair of khakis that I like and that are comfortable.

Tshirt - Walmart
Trousers - Lands' End
Wedges - Lands' End

Bracelets - Walmart
These were $7.88. Amazing!

I confess, I've been ogling white watches for awhile now. I wanted a more sporty look, but haven't been able to find something that a) wouldn't need links removed/added, b) didn't have cheap-looking crystals around the bezel, and c) didn't cost more than $20. My standards. They are very high.

I'm actually really happy with this outfit. It's comfortable (although, I'll be honest, there's no way I'm going outside in this heat in pants...), it looks put together, and I won't be mistaken for an undergrad and get dirty looks in the faculty lounge.


Saralyn said...

You have awesome jewelry. I covet!

Chris said...

Very classic and sporty at the same time. Bravo! I really like the layered necklaces. I think you and I have the same style and attitude when it comes to accessories: the more, the better!