21 Day Challenge--Day 19 (Adorn Your Head)

Today is supposed to have a heat index into the 100s. I have to teach and Mr. H-B and I are also accompanying the youth from our church to Kentucky to visit the temple. So I have to wear something that won't show major pit stains while teaching in a super hot room and will look good enough to pass as Sunday best later tonight. Awesome. 

Edited to add: So the temple trip got canceled because so many youth and leaders contracted poison ivy while helping at an Eagle Scout project. Also, my hair is totally in a ponytail. It is too hot for hair down today...

I apologize again for the weird light. I planned the outfit yesterday and took the photos at different times throughout the day. 

T-Shirt - Walmart
Skirt - Target
Wedges - Lands' End
Dog - Animal Shelter
Greta finally made it into a picture. I was wondering if she'd sit still long enough, look at the camera (well, the mirror), and be captured in a picture where I'm not making a bizarre-o face. Dear imaginary readers, this is nothing short of a miracle. Forget the messy bed and the weird yellow cast from the lamps and overhead light. Forget the newly shorn dog in all her glory (I'm mostly glad she's not licking her hindquarters--there are plenty of those pictures). We are all looking at the camera, eyes open. Hooray!

If you look really close, you can see my hair adornment. It's pictured in more detail below. 

Opal, Turquoise, and Silver Bear earrings -
Some little shop in Old Town Albuquerque.
I love these earrings and almost never wear them.
Yay for using them!

Bracelets - Walmart. $5 on clearance.

Fake Turquoise Necklace - Walmart.
I found these on clearance for $8. Go me!

Zipper Flower - DIY'ed sans glue gun by yours truly.
I found a tutorial that involved sewing the flower instead of gluing.
I've wanted to try one out for awhile. I'm not sure how I feel...

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Amy said...

I like zipper flowers, I think they're fun. Nice job on yours!