21 Day Challenge--Day 20 (Sunday Shoes)

I chose my favorite pewter flats for my Sunday shoes today. I confess that they're already off. Come on, it's Saturday and I'm not going anywhere! Plus, I scraped my big toe on the underside of the emergency brake pedal yesterday. I kind of wanted to die, it hurt so much. Now it feels like something took a big divot out of my toe and poured salt on it. Nice.

Today's outfit is super comfy--perfect for a (2nd) nap. Yay 3-day weekends!

Shirt - TJ Maxx
Skirt - Target
Flats - TJ Maxx
Bracelet - Walmart
Earrings - Kohl's
Watch - Target
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's challenge--Work It. I've been thinking about what to wear since the beginning of the week. I think I have something good in the works. We'll see if my toe cooperates with my shoe choice.

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becoming teacher misty said...

Lovely shoes. I am happy to hear I am not the only one who changed outta my shoes. :)