Labor Day

For the first time since arriving at graduate school, I had Labor Day off. One time, we started school after Labor Day, but I don't really think that counts.... Today we went to the B family farm. Ms. Greta had the time of her life, I wore cute clothes and brought a yummy salad.

I think I'm addicted to posting outfit pictures...

T-shirt and bracelets - Walmart
Khakis, flats, and scarf - Lands' End
Watch - Target

I keep seeing this BLT salad all over Pinterest. It's apparently a Food Network recipe. It was as big a hit as I could expect a pasta salad to be with Mr. H-B's family. Let's just say that they're not really into new things... I thought the salad was really good, although I'd change a few things about it for the next time. I think I'd serve it on a bed of lettuce rather than mixing the lettuce in. I'd also use cherry tomatoes instead of chopping up whole tomatoes. However, how wrong can you really go with bacon? Answer: not at all.

So, tell me about your Labor Day. What did you do?


Sarah said...

Okay, that picture is making my mouth water (the picture of the salad, that is, not you--although you look fantastic).

I love your daily outfit pics. You are inspiring me to stop dressing like a slob just because I work from home.

Spending Labor Day working in a jet lagged haze in Bangalore.

Señora H-B said...


The salad was really delicious. I'm looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch and dinner today--especially because they don't have lettuce mixed in.

Amina said...

you look amaaazing!I love the daily outfits and it is really inspiring.
That scarf is gorgeous!

bellas-gemelas said...

I love your outfit! Very chic and cute :)