I've never been a fan of shopping at Goodwill. I LOVE dropping things off, I just always felt...ooky about buying clothes that someone else had worn. After much cajoling by my mother-in-law, I decided to try it out. It took me a few times of browsing home goods to get brave enough to look at clothes (yes, I realize I sound nuts). When I did, I found this brand-new pair of Seven7 jeans. I thought I had hit the jackpot until I unfolded the pants. Bedazzled does not even begin to describe the way they looked. There were clear seed beads sewn along all of the pockets, including over the pocket stitching. That would have been bad enough, however there were also sequined stripes sewn at random down the left leg. They were, in a word, hideous.

I stood in Goodwill, totally devastated that I had found these awesome jeans, but that the idiot manufacturer had decided they would be better with more SPARKLE!. And then I remembered. I have a seam ripper. I can get rid of this crap.

These jeans are the result:

There's no indication that there were ever sequins or seed beads anywhere. The jeans fit like a dream and are super comfortable. $6.50 and two hours of seam-picking well spent, I think.

Have you ever rescued a Goodwill treasure from certain non-purchase?

Also, I have a problem. I can't stop photographing my outfits.


Meg said...

I'm impressed. I feel the same way about goodwill - I always feel just a little bit like I need to wash my hands whenever I touch any of the clothing, which makes it hard for me to buy it. However, the benefits are obvious. Perhaps I should try again.

Meg said...

And by "the benefits are obvious" I mean, "You look awesome in those jeans." Just to clarify. :)

Amy said...

Nice job on your Goodwill renovation. Seriously, you'll find some of your most priced processions at Goodwill!