Rainy days

I know I was all, "Hooray fall!!!!!11!" last time, but I must confess that I loathe one thing about it. In Indiana, fall means the onset of what can only be called the rainy season (often bringing wicked scary tornadoes and the accompanying freaky-as-all-get-out siren). It has been raining here since Tuesday evening. It's grey, it's cloudy, and I become instantly lazy.

I'm looking forward to oodles of sun this weekend when we explore a local cemetery to get in the spirit of Halloween.


Sarah in Indiana said...

I was so happy to wake up to a sunny day on Friday. It does rain a lot in the fall, but I think the sunny days make up for it. The light is so beautiful. Everything looks like it was dipped in gold.

Meredith said...

i wish it would get more fall-ish here. i love CA but it's still like 90 degrees here. lame! ;)