33 on the 3rd

Today's a big birthday for me. My mom is going to call me later and tell me about how I took 26 hours before I came out with a conehead. And then she and my dad will laugh about how they tried to send me back to the nursery a few hours later because I was so much cuter than the baby they saw right after the birth. And then I'll be super homesick for awhile because Indiana is so far away from New Mexico.

Since I wasn't old enough to remember my golden birthday - being born on the 3rd isn't conducive to that - I've decided to go all out on my 33rd. It's crazy that I'm an age at which I remember both of my parents. It's hard to remember that I'm an adult when I'm still in school and childless (although I think I'm turning into one of those crazy dog ladies...).

To celebrate here, I've decided to list 33 things that make me smile. No, these aren't all the big, important things, and the list will probably be completely different in a year. But today, November 3, 2011, these are the things that bring a smile to my face:
  1. Mr. H-B. 3 years in and we drive each other bonkers, but he can still bring a smile to my face with a quote from Arrested Development or The Simpsons. 
  2. My family. I miss them a lot, but I love how much we like and love each other. We like being together, and I think that says a lot for the job my parents did in raising five children. 
  3. My church. It's not a perfect organization, but I'm really happy that I'm a Mormon
  4. Ms. Greta von Hassenstein-Barker.There, I said it. I love my dog. Even when she steals chicken bones out of the garbage or pees on the carpet, she's my fur baby. Most of the time, she just makes me laugh by furiously chasing paperclips across the living room, smacking the carpet with her Seussical/Muppet paws.
  5. And now for some less serious stuff....
  6. Fall. As I've mentioned before, autumn in Indiana is spectacular.
  7. Cardinals. I always thought cardinals were sort of mythical creatures (they just don't live out West). They're real. Also, they eat love dumpsters.
  8. Geese. They're just so funny.
  9. My lunch bag. I have packed lunch all but one day for the last 9 weeks. Go me!
  10. My water bottle. Finally something pretty enough to keep me from buying plastic water bottles. 
  11. Home Means Nevada - This cover by The Killers is awesome. I sing this song in my head a lot. Am I the only one who knows my state song by heart? "Way out in the land of the setting sun...."
  12. Green apples and creamy peanut butter. I have eaten this combination in my lunch almost every day this semester. Om nom nom.
  13. Diet Dr. Pepper or Coke Zero. I had grand intentions of giving up soda this semester, but it is...not going to happen. The end. 
  14. Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins. One of the things I look most forward to about Halloween, really. 
  15. My wallet. It's apple green and it makes me happy when I look at it. Also, it has a checkbook in it. And that makes me feel like a legitimate adult, even though I write exactly one check a month. 
  16. Key ring full of keys. Also makes me feel like a grown-up.
  17. Arrested Development. Really, is there anything else to say about this? 
  18. TV on the internet. I can watch what I want while Mr. H-B watches endless Seinfeld re-runs. Win. Win. 
  19. Nail polish. I have fallen in love with weird colors like green and blue, but I also love glitters and pink and red. It's a fun, (relatively) inexpensive way to play with color.
  20. My new glasses. I got them from Zenni and they're comfy, the correct prescription, and somewhat fashionable. Also, I got three pairs (including a pair of old lady sunglasses (thank you, Mr. H-B)) for less than 75 dollars. Thank you Stuckis for talking up internet glasses.  
  21. Teaching. I love my job. Sometimes I hate my dissertation, but I don't remember the last time I complained about the teaching part. It is so much fun to watch my students' eyes light up as they understand new things about Spanish. Liberal Arts FTW!
  22. Silver and white/clear decorations. I had a planning meeting for our winter Relief Society activity and this is our color scheme (with some navy blue tablecloths). It always looks classy and clean. I'm really excited to bust out my Christmas ornaments this year. 
  23. Annie's sugar cookie bars. You guys, I confess that I love those Lofthouse bakery cookies. It's disgusting. These bars, on the other hand, are homemade and even more delicious than Lofthouse. Seriously. Just try them. 
  24. Thinking about graduation. Funny hats, getting hooded by my adviser, can it get any better?
  25. Smart phones. I no longer have a calendar online, an agenda, and assorted calendars in my office, kitchen, etc. Let's just forget that the battery on my phone is seriously heinous.
  26. And now for some weird stuff...
  27. The smell of ink. Sometimes after I hand write a lot, I sniff the page. 
  28. Scentsy. I got suckered into a Scentsy party, then suckered into buying something.... (What!? I can't say 'No' to anything). But it turns out that I love my little wax warming contraption. It smells good, Mr. H-B can't blow it out, and it makes a great little night light. 
  29. Writing on the chalkboard. You guys, this is one of the reasons I love being a teacher. It is so much fun to write on the board.
  30. Fonts and typography. I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to the fun things I find online. I also love creating posters and handouts (even though I'm not particularly good at it). 
  31. World of Warcraft. This is my biggest secret shame of the year. Mr. H-B convinced me to try a free trial, playing with him and one of our friends. I'm a junky now. I totally get those Level 85 Palladin and 'My guild has a raid' jokes. Not that I've ever said either of them. 
  32. Sorting things. I sort my M&Ms, nail polishes, pens, data files, apps, everything. Sorting makes me happy. 
  33. Being 33. It's going to be a good year. I can tell already.
So Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, dear imaginary readers, for sticking with me. 


Camie said...

Happy golden birthday!! I'm celebrating mine this year as well--33 on the 3rd of Dec. And I think 33 will be a great year for both of us!!

Cathryn said...

Happy Birthday! You forgot to add that you're just a cool and witty person.

Sarah said...

How have I never heard about those Reese's pumpkins? Happy 33rd my friend--I think it will be your best year yet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I loved reading your list. Hope you have a great 33rd year!

bellas-gemelas said...

I hope your baby sister isn't imaginary ;) Happy Birthday! I miss you! I wish we could be together for Christmas.