January Update

January in the Midwest is typically a nasty-weathered affair. This year, however, we've been enjoying what I've deemed Winterspring. The weather has been spectacular. Today, for example, it's 50+ degrees out. I'll take it.

Looking back at the last few months of blog posts (or lack thereof), I can see a big slump in posting. Last semester was hard - for so many reasons. I was more sick, more frequently, than any other point in my life that I can remember. I felt run-down and unable to function from about mid-September to mid-January. In November (on my birthday, as a matter of fact), I was finally diagnosed with SHINGLES!!! (which I refer to a la Dooce with jazz hands). The doctor prescribed massive doses of prednisone and anti-virals (the same horse pill you get for the herp - good times) along with a command to slow down and listen to my body. So I did. And I was exhausted. There were a couple of days when I lost all but a few hours to naps and sleep. But of course, I got other manners of sick after the SHINGLES!!! cleared up. We had the flu and then I got bacterial bronchitis, and then we puppy-sat for 10 days (and Greta hated 9.5 of them), and then the semester started and, well, here we are.

In the resting times, I went bonkers on Pinterest, joined Goodreads, and read a bajillion books (embarrassing and not) on my wonderful, magical, basic Kindle. Mr. H-B and I also committed to the cult of Dave Ramsey. I now have a sad little card in my wallet with our total debt on it. The shopaholic in me needs that little reminder that every non-budgeted soda that I buy or extra thingamajig I buy for our apartment is keeping us from the goal of paying everything off.

So blog world friends, how was January?

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Sarah said...

Nice photo. Thought it was painting at first. Yay for mild winters!