So I have a funny family. I thought I'd share this brief exchange between my dad, brother (both of whom are geologists) and me. You should also know that my dad really hates the movie Dante's Peak. 

So we're watching the movie Volcano, which as I understand is the 2nd most geologically accurate film ever made (after Dante's Peak). Anne Heche, graduate of Hollywood Upstairs Geology School (like Dr. Nick of Simpsons fame), said that Matthew 7:26 is a favorite scripture among geologists. Is this true? ;)

My brother's response: 

Yes. I must say "The Core" is even more accurate. :). That is  a good scripture but Matthew 7:9 is good for geos too.  That's funny.

My dad: 

I forget... Is Volcano the Scientific tour de force with the eminent volcanologist Tommy Lee Jones??? If so, I  think I remember it being an inspiration to all would be LA savers

Me again:

Actually, if you're being accurate (and I think we can all agree that we are), Tommy Lee Jones works for the NASA-esque (at least in terms of command center) Office of Emergency Management. Anne Heche is the very real, eminent vulcanologist, complete with perfectly coiffed hair, immaculate make-up, and gamine features.  
Thank you for the recommendation on 'The Core', [Brother]. I can't wait to find out more about what my dad and brother do in real life. Who knew it was so thrilling? As for films about life in academia, I'd like to recommend 'A Beautiful Mind'. I'm not sure that I've mentioned that, as a part of my ongoing dissertation process, I've begun to have visitations from a very mysterious CIA officer, recruiting me for super secret help with the drug war in Mexico... Furthermore, the representation of all professors as tweedy braniacs with sun-saturated, 500 sq. ft. offices piled with books and papers is all-too realistic.

And my dad: 

Pretty sure I knew all of that was true.  I always thought that [My Favorite Professor] was a deep-cover, CIA mole, working out strategies for using Rubidium, Yttrium and Strontium ratios in Great Basin ash-flow tuffs to foil Soviet plots to dose us with Fluoride back then... 
Isn't it amazing how insightful Hollywood is? I mean, they really have it all figured out! Let me know how you enjoy The Core. I have not seen that and it has REALLY been a long time since I saw part of Volcano.

Love you guys,

It's pretty fun to be a Hass.

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Cathryn said...

Ha ha ha. So enjoyable.