Mr. H-B and I have spent the last three days sleeping off a wretched summer flu. Because really, what does anyone need more than the flu in the middle of packing up a house and revising a dissertation?

You know what, here's a list of things I actually need:

  1. Someone to pack up all of my stuff, then unpack it in our new apartment
  2. Someone to make my neck feel better (I have no idea what made it hurt so much)
  3. Someone to just do my dissertation revisions for me; I'm out of steam
  4. Someone to plan menus that precisely use up all of the perishables in the refrigerator and freezer
  5. Someone to pay the movers, our new rent, buy groceries and (what the heck) pay off all of our debts
Back to packing, cleaning, revising, and napping...

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