Pack It Up

The last time we moved, I could not get started packing soon enough. I lived for sorting things into Trash, Donate, and Keep piles. In fact, when we decided to move, Mr. H-B specifically requested that I not pack everything up eight weeks before we moved, forcing us to climb over and around boxes for weeks on end. This time, though? Well, I just don't want to pack. Granted, I'm trying to balance packing with my dissertation revisions. I also had offers from a couple of friends to help me pack, so I'm saving up some of the packing for that. The reality is, I just haven't caught the packing bug. We're pretty crowded in our little apartment (hence the need for additional space and Trash/Donate piles) and piling boxes up seems like the worst thing ever.

So, internet friends, what are your strategies for packing while still living in the same space? Where do you start? What do you pack first? What do you pack last?


FoxyJ said...

I have way too much experience with packing and moving. I've generally found it helpful to pack a little at a time for a few weeks before a move. I always start with books, knicknacks, out-of-season clothing, stuff in storage, and food storage. Stuff I can easily put in a box and forget about for a few weeks. I just find a corner of the living room and stick it in there. Good luck!

Sarah said...

This is fresh on my mind since we just finished a move. This time around I tackled the hard stuff first (which for me was sorting through and packing most of our clothing, our closets and all but kitchen necessities). I like to wait on the books and desk drawers until the last minute because book boxes take up a lot of space and in the last days when you're totally burned out on packing, it's nice to have some easy stuff to do yourself or delegate to someone else.

Señora H-B said...

FoxyJ - I like the idea of packing up knick-knacks, especially since I need to wrap so many of them in packing material.

Sarah - That's a great idea! I love the idea of leaving things that are easy for someone else to help with.

Thanks, ladies!