Giving Thanks

Like so many of my friends, and most of the internet, November makes me introspective. Even though this year has been a hard one, it's good to remember just how blessed my life is.

In no particular order, some of the things I'm grateful for on this grey November afternoon:
  • Ok, I lied, this first one is in order. Mr. H-B. Every day I am so grateful that I took a chance and told him that he should ignore our friends' advice and ask me out. I am so glad that we are on this journey together. I have grown so much more thankful for his loving support as we tackle our desire to have a family. He reminds me constantly that he loves me no matter what is in the cards for us with regard to children. It is nice to have his voice of reason to remind me that we will have a good marriage and a good life, no matter what happens. 
  • New insurance and medical technology. We are so much further along in our quest to be parents than we were just four months ago. Thanks to our insurance coverage and the tests available to us, we have a new doctor and some answers. That is not to say that these months have been cheap or easy. Invasive tests coupled with phone calls from doctors bringing bad and good news have meant a lot of tears. I still don't know what our future holds, but I take comfort in knowing that we are doing everything we can. 
  • My parents. My mom and dad just left after a week-long visit with us. It is always so much fun to spend time with my parents. They spent the whole week helping me to decorate our house and make it look a lot more like home. My mom was a whirling dervish of activity, hanging pictures, organizing, sewing curtains, and comforting me through a lot of the phone calls mentioned previously. My dad gamely cooperated in all of the work and had a lot of heart-to-heart talks with Mr. H-B. It was also nice for them to see Maya in her new home and be reassured that she is happy here. I am thrilled and devastated that my parents will spend the next two years as senior missionaries in Peru. I will miss them so much, but can't wait to share their experiences through the internet. Greta also really like having Papa here: 
  • Maya and Greta. Who knew that two dopey dogs could bring so much comfort and joy to me. Yeah, I'm turning into one of those people that treats her dogs like children. I don't care. They're filling that need to nurture right now, and they're very forgiving (e.g., I can leave them in a kennel while I'm at work and no one calls the cops). 

Honestly, my life is good. I am generally happy, generally healthy, generally financially sound. Life could be so much harder, so much more stressful. I am glad to have a reminder of this each November. 

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Camie said...

Hey Maria! I'm still here reading! Glad to hear you have good doctors and hopefully access to real answers. Hugs to you!