Giving Thanks

Today is one of those days when I just need to focus on all of the good things I have in my life. I've been focused on the 'Why not now?' aspect of infertility and miscarriage and I think it's time to focus on the good. I hope it goes without saying that I'm grateful for my husband, because I am incredibly blessed to have found him and to have his unwavering support. He's kind of the best. [/end mush]

In no particular order:
  • Dogs. Our dogs are always thrilled to see us, even if one of us just ran to put the trash out in the garage. It's nice to feel so unconditionally loved. 
  • Netflix on our blu-ray player. I don't know why we were so resistant to changing from watching Netflix on our TiVo to watching it on the blu-ray player. All I know is that we were idiots. 
  • Hummus. Healthy, tasty, full of protein, and it requires no preparation (because I am FAR too lazy to make my own).
  • Xanax. Since we're off the trying train for awhile, I can take advantage of pharmaceutical aids to help me get through the extremely stressful process of applying for tenure-track jobs (blech).
  • Gorgeous, crisp(-ish) fall weather. We've had sun and cool weather for a few days now and it makes an enormous difference in my attitude (also in the stuffiness of our house). 
  • Fall scents. I've broken out my spicier perfumes, fall-scented candles, and thrown the windows open. I can't wait to have enough energy again for baking of all things pumpkin. 
  • Diet Dr. Pepper. See Xanax, above.
  • Cross-stitch. I find counted cross-stitch to be a very soothing activity, when I'm not royally screwing it up and having to unstitch. I have been working on an advent calendar for, like, nine years (very inconsistently), and I think I'll actually finish the stupid thing this year. I'm at the stage where I'm just stitching the border, so I can sit and zone out while I watch something on the aforementioned blu-ray Netflix.
  • New nieces and nephew. We got another round of babies in our families this year (like we did in 2010). It's so fun to virtually meet my niece and nephew and to spend time with Mr. H-B's niece.
All in all, our little life is pretty great. We have everything we need and almost everything that we want. I'm a very lucky gal and I want to remember that more.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted you to know I've been thinking about you, and that I keep hoping for you and Mr. H-B that things will work out, sooner than later.


Kelly said...

So important to remember all of the good things! We busted out the down comforter last night and Tiny was so pleased to have his puffy fluffy bed back. We may not have baby babies, but Tiny is pretty cool.