It's Ruff Being a Dog

Greta desperately needed a haircut a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes when your dog has long hair, it becomes necessary to remove dingleberries with a pair of scissors that you then promptly sterilize. Greta was also panting basically non-stop, a sure sign that she needed a haircut. Despite the lowered thermal output, she still looks like a depressed ham in the second picture. You'll be pleased to know that she has since recovered and is back to her adorable self.

When we adopted Maya from my parents 18 months ago, I had some pretty serious concerns about how well she would adapt to living in our house with Greta the Weirdo. I was worried about food guarding. I was worried Maya would feel abandoned or that Greta would be jealous. Since they both came from shelters, there's always the unknown 'what happened to you before we got you' issue. We knew that Greta and Maya could at least get along, having spent a summer together when they were both puppies.

My fears were mostly unrealized. Greta gained a little weight since there are now TWO bowls of food available, so we're watching that. Maya developed a deep and abiding love for the snow, much to the surprise of EVERYONE who knows her. This is the dog that always peed on the patio at my parents' house because she didn't want the snow to touch her at all. They both follow me everywhere and I have a love-hate relationship with that.

Maya still cowers in fear if Mr. H-B and I raise our voices or if we handle bubble wrap. She also makes these terribly sad whimpering and sucking noises if she's having a particularly intense dream. (Seriously, dog, what happened to you before we got you?) Greta still runs in terror if I even touch the vacuum cleaner, Swiffer, or broom. Maya, on the other hand, lets us vacuum the hair off of her.

The moment captured below, though, seems to be a clear assurance that Maya is happy here. Dogs don't typically show their bellies unless they trust you (or they're submitting to you - but let me tell you, Maya is not submissive...). Add to this the fact that she was asleep in this position, and I think we can just call this whole thing a success!

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