Moving Stats

1000 miles
26 feet of moving truck
18 feet of car carrier
15 Dramamine
12 tanks of gas
6 stops
1 overnight stay

We arrived safe and sound.

12 days of relentless unpacking
10+ trips to Target
6 trips to Home Depot
4 hours of picture-hanging
2 happy pooches (not pictured)
1 beautiful willow tree

We're happy to be here, Greta didn't puke AT ALL, and we're recovering from a late spring case of cold/bronchitis. Delightful.

I'm easing my way into my new job and we're settling in to our new Texas life (mostly by trying every flavor of Bluebell ice cream that exists). We made a trip to visit my brother and his wife and their four beautiful kids.

I think we're gonna like it here.


Cathryn said...

Dessert Trio.

Amina said...

WOW!!!!! After that move, you do deserve to try every flavor of ice cream!!!!So glad to hear that you are all adjusting well :)