Six Years

Six years ago tonight, my family was meeting Mr. H-B's family for the first time. We had dinner at O'Charley's and my brother-in-law promised not to do anything to our car after our wedding reception.

Six years ago tomorrow morning, we drove to Louisville, Kentucky, where we would be married for time and eternity. We laughed and laughed and laughed that one of the questions we answered when applying for our marriage license was, "Are you related to your fiance? If so, how?" Oh, Kentucky...

Six years ago tomorrow evening, we both answered "Yes" to the most important question we would ever answer. We promised to stay together through the best and the worst of things in front of God, our families, and a few very close friends.

We have spent a lot of the last six years looking at each other like this - one of us sick, sad, or in pain. We have lost three grandparents and a number of important friends who have shaped who we are. We have lost the promise of five babies. We have struggled through a dissertation and two grueling job searches. It has not been easy, and I have wondered (perhaps too often), if it is worth it to suffer through so much together. But in the end, I am so grateful to have this man by my side. Sure, we have grieved a lot, but there have also been a lot of really, sublimely happy moments. I love him and I'm so glad he took a chance, against the advice of a lot of people, and just went for it.

Happy 6! I hope we have 60 more.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Also, congrats on your move and your new job! I hope you are doing well.

Andrea said...

This is beautiful. You two are great and I hope life is going well in Texas for both of you!