Well, it's been over a year since I last posted anything on here. I'd say this blog is mostly dead. But according to The Princess Bride, there's still hope.

So what sorts of pleasant and not-so-pleasant surprises did 2015 bring? Well, starts start with the bad news and move on to the good news.

June brought a pretty awful car accident that totaled our Crown Victoria. I was driving a friend's minivan, following Mr. H-B and Maya home. We were at a complete stop at a stoplight behind another car when I was rear-ended by a girl driving "at least 60mph and texting" (according to the officer at the scene). She totaled her own car, the van I was driving, our car, and the pickup truck in front of Mr. H-B.

This is just missing a photo of the truck in front of our blue car.
We were lucky to walk away with minimal bruising and aches and pains. Maya, who I used to have to drag out of the car, is now terrified to go for rides; she even has her own prescription for Xanax. Mr. H-B and I bought another Crown Victoria, this time white, since our car was only totaled out because of its age.

In October we had another miscarriage, our sixth. It was unexpected, but still difficult to handle. We have mostly come to terms with where we are in the process of having children, but there are still moments that tug at my heart strings.

On my birthday in November, we made the painful decision to put Greta to sleep. She developed a very large spindle cell tumor on her right hind leg. She managed with it for several years, but her skin couldn't contain the tumor anymore and split open. The vet and I were both concerned about infection and we decided that putting her down while she was still a happy girl was the best thing we could do for her. Her last day she was very tired, but filled with yummy treats, so it was clear it was her time. I miss her Andy Rooney eyebrows and huge brown eyes almost every day. We are both so thankful to have adopted Maya three years ago; I would be lost without her.

Ready to say goodbye

Now, on to some happier news.

I won two research grants during my first year on the tenure track. I spent most of my summer collecting data to fulfill part of the research agreement. My colleague and I presented our grant plan at a conference in Chicago in January and will be reporting on our progress in Boston this coming January. (Seriously, folks, is there anything wrong with Miami in January?)

Mr. H-B is still holding on to a great job in a somewhat scary East Texas job market. He loves the people he works with, but the Houston-area traffic not so much. Luckily he still has his Super Duty pickup and doesn't mind sitting in it for more than an hour every day.

Our ward recently split, which released me from my calling as Young Women president. I served for just eight months, but learned about 20 years worth of stuff. I went to camp, sewed trek dresses, helped plan a killer Wizard of Oz-themed Young Women in Excellence night, and received hundreds of hugs, wiped thousands of tears, and felt my heart grow about a million times. I came to love the girls and my board (counselors, secretary, advisors, and camp director) more than I could have ever possibly imagined. I feel like I got a small taste of motherhood as I served these incredible young women. I don't know what callings our new ward holds, but I'm excited for the future.

As I look forward to 2016, I don't know what to expect. This year held more heartache and more joy than I could have dreamed. I think I just want to go with the flow. Maybe?

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Cathryn said...

I can't believe it, you posted! I hardly ever check here anymore because it's been a year... But tonight I was just sitting here bored and typed in your blog address. I love hearing more detailed updates than Facebook posts. Keep it coming, please. Sorry about all the bad news, that's rough.